FACOM 230-45S

Model: FACOM 230-45S
Date manufactured: 1971

Fujitsu's mid-size/large machines (the FACOM 230-25 and 35 were mid-size, and the FACOM 230-45 was large) announced in August 1968 as the successors of the FACOM 230 Series. The series was completed as the FACOM 230-5 Series with the later addition of the small FACOM 230-15 (announced in April 1970), the FACOM 230-45S (an enhanced version of the FACOM 230-45 announced in February 1971) and the large FACOM 230-55 (announced in November 1971). These were an "IC computer series" which exploited new technology and were based on technology accumulated through the development of the FACOM 230-60. They were 16-bit machines which took 2 bytes as one word, and they were developed based on a common design concept.

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