IT Honor Roll

The IT History Society wishes to acknowledge individuals who have made a noteworthy and out of the ordinary contribution to the information technology industry. Suggestions should be submitted by the community and not the individual. All submissions are subject for review by the IT Honor Roll Committee. If you have someone you'd like to nominate for the "IT Honor Roll," please submit it to us here.


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Anthony A. Storey

Prime mover in creating the Enterprise Java Beans industry specification that brought Java into the server environment

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John Napier

Known for the discovery of the logarithm and inventor of the "Napier's bones" mathematical aid


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Mikhail Donskoy

Leading in the development of Kaissa, a world champion chess computer


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Christopher Latham Sholes

Inventor of the QWERTY keyboard and one of the first practical typewriters


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Joseph (Joe) Frederick Traub

Co-pioneer of information-based computational complexity; collaborating in creating significant new algorithms

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Leon D. Harmon

Codeveloper of the Photomosaic - a photographic mosaic, which is a picture that has been divided into rectangular sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the target photo; also, developed computerized human-face identification


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Allan Alcorn

Designer of the video arcade game Pong, one of the earliest arcade video games; one of the first games to reach popularity

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Eric J. Bina

Co-creator of Mosaic and the co-founder of Netscape

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