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The IT History Society wishes to acknowledge individuals who have made a noteworthy and out of the ordinary contribution to the information technology industry. Suggestions should be submitted by the community and not the individual. All submissions are subject for review by the IT Honor Roll Committee. If you have someone you'd like to nominate for the "IT Honor Roll," please submit it to us here.


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Karen Spärck Jones

One of her most important contributions was the concept of inverse document frequency (IDF) weighting in information retrieval which is used in most search engines today


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Peter R. Samson

Creator of pioneering computer software, among which are the Harmony Compiler for the PDP-1 with which users coded music, and Expensive Planetarium; the star display for Spacewar, one of the first interactive computer games

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Shaun Wylie

With others of Hut 8, Bletchley Park, he worked on solving the Enigma machine as used by the German Navy


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Joel S. Birnbaum

Directed the development of the precursor of Hewlett-Packard precision architecture, the basis for all Hewlett-Packard's RISC computers and was responsible for the development of all core hardware platforms and systems software for the precision architecture product line

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Ralph Ernest Meagher

Co-creator of the ILLIAC series, culminating with the ILLIAC IV supercomputer, the largest and fastest in the world

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Derrick Henry "Dick" Lehmer

He was part of the Computations Committee formed to prepare the ENIAC for utilization following its completion and was active in the building of the California Digital Computer (CALDIC)


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Mark E. Dean

Co-developer of a number of landmark technologies, including the color PC monitor, the Industry Standard Architecture system bus and the first gigahertz chip

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Jack Haverty

Co-designer of the original email mechanism and co-creator of the initial Internet

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Tom van Vleck

Worked on the Compatible Time-Sharing System, (CTSS), which was one of the first time-sharing operating systems, and co-authored its first email program

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Pal Spilling

Co-developer of the Internet Protocol and other early computer network protocols

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