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The IT History Society wishes to acknowledge individuals who have made a noteworthy and out of the ordinary contribution to the information technology industry. Suggestions should be submitted by the community and not the individual. All submissions are subject for review by the IT Honor Roll Committee. If you have someone you'd like to nominate for the "IT Honor Roll," please submit it to us here.


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Monroe (Monty) Newborn

Co-author of the computer chess program, Ostrich, competing in five world championships

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John Ambrose Fleming

Inventor of the first thermionic valve or vacuum tube


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Barbara Liskov

Contributions to development of object-oriented programming

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Stephen Wolff

Manager of a research group that participated in the development of ARPANET, a major technology precursor to the internet and is credited with turning the Internet from a government project into something that proved to have scholarly and commercial interest for the rest of the world

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Nobuo Mii

Leader of a team in high school which successfully made the first television system Kyushu, Japan, mainly using the electronic parts thrown away by the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Fukuoka City, which preceded even the Kyushu University's Engineering School and NHK's Fukuoka Broadcasting Station

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Warren Weaver

Writer of a memorandum, entitled, "Translation," ( July 1949) is said to probably be the single most influential publication in the early days of machine translation


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Charles Ingerham Peddle

The main designer of the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor; the KIM-1 SBC; and its successor the Commodore PET personal computer

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Michael (Mike) A. Kaczmarski

Co-creator of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager product family, and leader of the redesign of the TotalStorage Productivity Center

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Tim O'Reilly

Founder of O'Reilly Media, publisher of some of the most industry standard books on information technology

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