IT Honor Roll

The IT History Society wishes to acknowledge individuals who have made a noteworthy and out of the ordinary contribution to the information technology industry. Suggestions should be submitted by the community and not the individual. All submissions are subject for review by the IT Honor Roll Committee. If you have someone you'd like to nominate for the "IT Honor Roll," please submit it to us here.


Currently displaying Random Records


Nestor Burtnyk

Father of the multimillion-dollar computer animation industry through his pioneering work in animation technology

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Stephen (Steve) T. Kent

Designer and developer of user authentication and access control systems as well as other network security systems

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Gene Myron Amdahl

Team leader in building IBM mainframes and founder of Amdahl Computer

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Brian Keith Reid

Known for developing the Scribe word processing system and pioneer in the use of descriptive markup

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George F. Daly

Co-developer of the IBM 285 and 297 series accounting machines (aka Type III and Type IV) and co-inventor of a series of automatic multiplying machines known as Type 600 and 601


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Glen Jacob Culler

Developer of the Culler-Fried Online System, one of the first interactive computer systems in the mid-1960’s era, and an important early innovator in the development of the Internet


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Karl Alexander Müller

Co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1987 with Georg Bednorz for their work in superconductivity in ceramic materials

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Nathan Rochester

Designer of the IBM 701, the first general purpose, mass produced computer; writer of the first assembler and participator in the founding of the field of artificial intelligence


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Elaine J. Weyuker

Leading researcher on rigorous software testing including industrial evaluations of the comparative effectiveness and costs of such testing methods

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