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The IT History Society wishes to acknowledge individuals who have made a noteworthy and out of the ordinary contribution to the information technology industry. Suggestions should be submitted by the community and not the individual. All submissions are subject for review by the IT Honor Roll Committee.


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Andrew (Tridge) Tridgell

Co-inventor of the rsync algorithm, a highly efficient file transfer and synchronization tool

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Christopher Latham Sholes

Inventor of the QWERTY keyboard and one of the first practical typewriters


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Neil James Alexander Sloane

Contributor to the field of combinatorics, error-correction code and sphere packing

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Enid Mumford

Early studies in the use of large scale computing


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Kenneth (Ken) Levy

Under his leadership, KLA dominated new market areas in the semiconductor manufacturing instrumentation field

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Thomas Fowler

He produced a mechanical calculating machine which operated using ternary arithmetic


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Edwin Ronald Nixon

One of the most powerful influences in shaping British industry's response to the technological revolution


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Ivar Hjalmar Jacobson

Known as a major contributor to UML, Objectory, RUP and aspect-oriented development

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Eric S. Raymond

Programmer and public figurehead for the open source movement

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