Happy 100th Anniversary IBM


IBM logos, circa 1924 and 1972.

In 2011, IBM is marking its 100-year anniversary. Although much has changed since the company was formed on June 16, 1911, the one constant at IBM has been its focus on making the world work better. In 1926, IBM President Thomas J. Watson, Sr., said, "Everything we do in our work is benefiting the business interests and the social welfare of the whole world." Throughout its history, IBM has focused on just that—changing the world, one customer at a time. That focus on innovation has helped produce many things we take for granted today:

IBM ASCC calculator

1944 - IBM presented its first large-
scale calculator, the ASCC, to
Harvard University. Also called the
Mark I, it was the first machine
capable of executing long
computations automatically.


U.S. Social Security
Scientific computing


Hard disk drives
Magnetic tape storage
Popularizing computers


Online transaction processing
Word processing
Computer memory
Space exploration
Magnetic stripe technology


IBM Diskette

1971 - IBM created the floppy disk,
which made storage powerful
and affordable and the PC
revolution possible.

Bar codes
Relational databases
Data encryption


Personal computers


Lasik surgery
Mobile telecommunications
Read-write optical materials


Gaming stations


1981-The IBM Personal Computer
launched the PC revolution,
helping computers go
mainstream-beyond hobbyists
and geeks. .

These milestones didn't just happen—it took talented, dedicated people years, even decades, of effort. But it also took a corporate commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve. Throughout its 100 years, IBM has remained in a constant state of renewal and reinvention—ensuring a constant stream of innovation whatever the state of technology or the global economy. Its evolution has defined - perhaps more so than any other company—the DNA of today's technology.



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IBM 790 mainframe computer

IBM 7090 mainframe computer,
circa 1964

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