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Brief History of Email, A

Am I alone in thinking that open-source email technologies have completely stagnated over the last few years? It seems like 10-year old technology is still state of the art when it comes to building your own email servers these days, and I’d love...

Brief History of Fonts and Printing in Word Processing, A

In the Days Before GUIs WordPerfect originated in the days when top-of-the-line printers were daisywheel impact devices requiring manual intervention to change fonts, and when on-screen displays were restricted to a single monospaced font....

Brief History of GUI, A

History a Brief History of GUI Graphic User Interfaces were considered unnecessary overhead by early computer developers, who were struggling to develop enough CPU horsepower to perform simple calculations. As CPU power increased in the sixties...

Brief History of HTML, A

HTML5 is scheduled to enter Last Call Working Draft status in October 2009, next month. While that's not really the end of work, it's close enough that introductory articles on HTML5 are popping up all over the place. Beyond the technical details,...

Brief History of Internet, The

Today we all take for granted that we should have instant access to the Internet regardless if we're at home or at work. We can even browse the web while on the go thanks to cell phones. It obviously hasn't been like this for ages and to help...

Brief History of Markup, A

HTML is the unifying language of the World Wide Web. Using just the simple tags it contains, the human race has created an astoundingly diverse network of hyperlinked documents, from Amazon, eBay, and Wikipedia, to personal blogs and websites...

Brief History of Microsoft Windows, A

Are you a PC? Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world with over 90% of the market share. How long have you been using Windows? With Windows 7 just released, its nice to look back at the long history of Microsoft...

Brief History of Modern RDBMS IT Management, A

Welcome. In the following series of articles a specific environment in the many and varied realms of Information Technology environments will be explored in a little detail. This is the domain of the RDBMS, or Relational Database Management System....

Brief History of Mouse: Rubber Ball, Optical and Wireless Laser, A

We want to summarize the history of the mouse, the device which is so important that often it “prevents” us to use the keyboard, sometimes even we forget that computers have it.

Brief History of Open Source

This brief history illustrates the origins and major events in open source. •Overview •Expensive, esoteric computers •The rise of proprietary software •Proprietary UNIX •The debate on the fringes •Linux •The Internet and the...

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