• 2009 April 01

Company Description

140 Proof, an advertising solutions provider, uses Blended Interest Graphs to target consumers with messages that are relevant to them.

140 Proof is the only targeting solution on mobile apps to use individuals' social activity to understand interests and select ads based on what the person on the other end of the ad server cares about. 140 Proof reaches over 66 million social users with its patented Blended Interest Graph. 140 Proof's Relevance API provides primary revenue streams for premium apps. The company was founded in 2010 by Jon Elvekrog and John Manoogian III, with Vanessa Naylon, Ryan Matsumura, and Andy Scott. The original idea for 140 Proof sprang from the 2009 social analytics platform Plus One which targeted specific interests in the public social stream. 140 Proof brand ads are 140 character messages (and 140 second videos), targeted based on blended interest data from across multiple social platforms to specific interest-based 'personas'. Unlike ads within Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms, 140 Proof technology can see activity from many of the social networks the user engages with to understand them more fully. In the most recent quarter, the company reached more than 66 million unique individuals.