• 2013 February 01

Company Description

Hackers Competition 2013

*About the event* [360Hackers](http://www.360hackers.com) is an event organized by [Naitin.com](http://www.naitin.com) that allows students, freelancers and professionals from around the world, the exchange of knowledge and the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in the computer environment. That’s why we are looking for people who are capable, skillful and above all available to overcome challenges in each stage, where a space is offered for a series of dynamic and relaxing activities can take place. 360Hackers will have to show where they are able to get to….. overcome will give them the opportunity to win Money, work and prestige. Offer your knowledge to the community to work as an ethical hacker from the moment you register for the event. *What are the prizes* 1st Place: MacBook Pro Retina +$2,000 USD 2nd Place: iPad 2 Retina +$1,500 USD 3rd Place: iPhone 5 (66GB) +$1,000 USD 4th-10th Place: 1 iPod Touch *Stages of the competition* Vulnerabilities CMS: Each competitor will have the assignment to infringe a website CMS chosen at random, to which he will have to get in information as proof of access. System Access: The competitor will have to access by hacking a Windows 98 server and accommodate a .txt file that will be given at the beginning of the stage. Hack Development: Using the programming language of your preference the participant will have to develop a users registration system with a connection to a database and accommodate it in a space in our server that will be given. *Evaluation criteria* Time 50% Skill 25% Ability 25%. The 10 participants that finalize each stage in the least time gain 10 extra points. *Benefits for signing up* All the participants will receive their CEH upon registering to the event. At the end of the event each participant will receive a free space in the job fair developed by [360Hackers](http://www.360hackers.com) where you will be able to offer your knowledge to the community being backed up by us. Each participant will receive from [Naitin.com](http://www.naitin.com) a developing account for their Alpha Version for 1 year. *Register and more information about the event* Visit: [360Hackers Website](http://www.360hackers.com)