• 2013

Company Description

5Spot Limited is a site to find and hire skilled micro job workers, and to promote skills and to look for freelance micro jobs.

5spot has now been named the world’s fastest growing marketplace for Micro/Freelance jobs starting at $5. 5spot is global community of people from all different walks of life, looking for financial independence, whether its just to make some extra money for school, to a teacher just looking to help others in there spare time we have it all. 5spot offers the worlds first commission free based services (5spot doesnt take monthly fee's, commission fee's) non of that so its a no brainer as to why its blown up so fast! also 5spot has created a fun, safe, simple place to not only hire talented individuals from all around the world to do customized work for your every need, but it has also developed a system of 5 benefits for its users to help make even more money! Tens of thousands of sellers from all over post on 5spot daily. 5spot believes in giving its users a free service the way it should be. So when you get paid $5 you make $5.