• 2017

Company Description

88ships is a startup builder platform that strategically builds and scales investable businesses.

88ships is a boutique startup builder platform that partners with innovators, founders and investors to strategically build and scale businesses and position them for growth and future success. Whether you are an investor looking to bring in strategic finance and operations expertise to help prepare your portfolio companies to scale and de-risk their execution roadmap, or you are a startup founder looking for help to build a successful, investable business, we are here to help. ​ We take a very hands-on approach to create value. We tailor our solutions to each startup and work side-by-side with founders directly—no batch classes, no mandatory schedules or activities. ​ Our platform surrounds you with a community of seasoned, passionate, and expert mentors and corporate partners to provide critical support for your startup as you grow. Not only do we help design and develop strategies and implementation plans, but we also help execute them. ​ We typically work with companies in their earlier stages, from late seed through Series B and beyond. Contact us to learn more. Let us help you build something amazing.