• 2009 February 01

Company Description

Low cost product development

A1 Technologies provides a range of affordable advanced technology solutions for product development. The product range includes the RapMan and RapMan Pro 3D Printers, the 3D David laserscanner and the Chameleon 3D Haptic design package. The original RapMan 3D Printer offers a revolutionary (in the true sense of the word) price / performance ratio within the 3D printing sector. The RapMan is available for £750 in kit form. The RapMan Pro model is a pre-built version of the 3D Printer — with all of the benefits of the previous version with further refinements, which include an anodised aluminium chassis, to provide greater rigidity and the Z axis now uses lead screws, which has enhanced Z-axis performance, accuracy and repeatability. The RapMan Pro sells for just under £2,000 — still a fraction of the price of competitive products, but giving away little in terms of performance or quality. Indeed, the RapMan Pro is faster than most 3D printers on the market and offers a wider choice of polymers than most of them too. The 3D DAVID laserscanner is a very low-cost system for contact-free scanning of 3D objects for a broad range of applications. The only hardware requirements — included in the starter-kit for £320 — are a hand-held laser and a camera. With simplicity supplied as standard, the DAVID laserscanner is capable of producing 3D data that can be used in various standard file formats, which are compatible with the RapMan 3D printer. The Chameleon 3D 'haptic' application offers a high quality, immersive 3D experience to its users at only £350. The combination of affordability and cutting-edge technology integration enhances and facilitates greater efficiency when working, designing, creating, training — or simply just playing — in virtual 3D space. Chameleon combines 3D modelling software with a touch-enabling (haptic) device and is suitable for anyone — of any age, the kids seem to love it — to model and construct 3D objects, particularly free-form shapes. Completed models can be directly 3D printed on the RapMan.