• 1995

Company Description

Able Software has developed the expertise to integrate various technology systems.

Able Software Company their only business is to develop, maintain, and support enterprise solutions for the Utility Industry. This include all utilities providing services in electricity, gas, water, sewage, and garbage. Their goal is to provide robust software with seamless interface and quick response to your software billing needs. They strive in providing quality services to the Utility Industry. Since the utility industry is their company's only focus, you can rest assured that your need and interests is what They are working on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Their Utility Star line of billing and customer information system is designed with their company's design philosophy in mind. That is to provide their clients with business enabling product that allows them to run their business JUST THE WAY they want. Too often in today's marketplace you will find products that forces a utility to alter their business process due to a limitation in the software. With Utility Star, that will never be the case, since they design their products with flexibility and customizability in mind. Request for a DEMO today to see for yourself the power, convenience, and flexibility of Utility Star.