• 2010

Company Description

Angel Medical Holdings Group provides medical resources in China.

Angel Medical (China) Holdings Group is a commitment to high-quality medical resources in China integration and brand management Investment Group, which is headquartered in Chengdu, China. Angel Medical (China) Holdings implementation of the 'scale, brand, chain, professional' development strategy, by gradually expanding the range of services and investment, investment in a wide range of interventional medical field, to carry out high-end medical service-oriented industry, finance-related industry as a whole, diversified regional healthcare brand chain operations. Angel Medical (China) Holdings Group's high-end maternity hospital 'Angel Maternity Hospital in Chengdu,' has achieved the industry, government and social identity. Was 'an example of well-known Chinese brand maternity hospital in 2009,' the most prestigious award, the formation of a good brand, reputation. Hospital through the International Joint Commission established by the U.S. Department of JCI (Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospital) certification, awarded China the first 15, the southwest region's first and only international Chengdu, Sichuan JCI certified hospitals. Hospitals adhere to the 'integrity, quality, pioneering and enterprising,' the purpose of running the hospitals, medical treatment, research, prevention, care and rehabilitation as one of the maternity hospital. Now docking with the international capital and listing platform to build has been completed. Angel Medical (China) Holdings Group has a modern management team, experienced professional team of physicians, as well as a strong operations team. Group advanced medical management philosophy, according to the prevailing business model of international medical institutions, construction and management standards, building health care environment, good health care forms, and constantly open up the health care market in mainland China.