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Now-a-days a trend of summer jackets

Now-a-days a trend of summer jackets has become a eye catchy piece this season. AnsaOnline is proud to say that we are international online fashion retailers and we deliver products to number countries other than the United Kingdom. It’s not for a functional purpose; it’s more of a style statement. “Summer jackets give an empowered look to women. It’s a great addition to any wardrobe; it spells the arrival of androgynous fashion. “This trend stems from the fact that a lot of androgyny is coming into women’s wear. The blazer or the jacket is considered very masculine, but it has come back in its feminine avatar. It’s very girly and young,”Not surprising then, that fashion labels report a sudden spurt in the garment’s sales. “From belted styles to pretty prints, summer jackets are a huge hit this season. They contributed to 50% of our sales,” summer jackets are chic, classy and practical, and are thus in huge demand. Jackets have become an instant craze among fashionistas. It’s a new era in fashion — there are no rules.” We couldn’t agree more. The style scape is experiencing a wave of change and ‘everything goes’ is the mantra to swear by. Now is decidedly a good time to let go of all the fashion myths we have clung on to over the years. Because if your wardrobe is dictated by rules, you are bound yo miss out on allsartoiral fun. Here are some rules, you may have played by in the past, which are easy to skip.Worn in moderation, a sprinkle of sequins can uplift any look, no matter what time of the day it is.On the contrary, and this is a fit that is flattering on all body types. “Skinny pants are extremely versatile. The trick is to find the perfect fit,” say Ansaonline designers. Those on the heavier side should team them with a loose shirt or tunic. Feel free to send us your suggestions at www.ansaonline.com and any particular request on products that might have been sold out or that you would like to bring to our attention any items that we might have missed your feedback is valuable to us.