• 2010

Company Description

Aporv.com is a vibrant online community to help you find authentic and unique handcrafted products.

Aporv.com is an online marketplace for Handmade and design creatives. Aporv, in Sanskrit, means Unique. They are as unique as every handcrafted product they sell. Every craft holds secrets, myths and faiths that have transferred through generations either by the craftspeople or through people related to this field. They at Aporv are making an humble effort to bring these stories to their appreciators. These stories will help the appreciator know the craft, its history and how it is made, thus facilitating them to make an educated buy. Through this effort they are trying to bring their appreciators close to the craft form. Aporv.com is the platform to facilitate the artisans reach their appreciators directly and sell products not as just artifacts but as stories that will be cherished by their appreciators. Team Aporv shares a passion for art and craft, and the fundamental belief that owning this unique (Aporv) art or craft will enrich your life and bring you happiness for many years to come! Aporv.com is an online marketplace that gives handcrafted product lovers all over the world easy access to their unique collection of ancient, modern as well as contemporary Indian art.