• 2014 September 18

Company Description

App Suey is the first company ever dedicated to buying iOS apps from independent developers.

App Suey is a new type of consolidation company providing liquidity to small independent app developers. App Suey buys revenue producing apps and holds them for the long term seeking to profit from merging large numbers of apps into a single portfolio that can cross promote. App Suey provides an automated 'sell your app' onboarding and developer survey that feeds into an automated onboarding process. App Suey differs from 'marketplace' plays such as Apptopia and Flippa in that App Suey is the actual buyer, not a marketplace. From their F.A.Q.: Q: Is App Suey another market place for apps like Apptopia & Flippa? A: No. App Suey is not a market place. We are the actual buyer of apps.