• 2013 August 15

Company Description

AppDupe is a mobile app clone marketplace.

AppDupe is a mobile and web app clone marketplace. If you want to start a service like Instagram for creative agencies, buy AppDupe's turnkey script and start tomorrow or if you want to launch a SnapChat like privacy focused chat app for Private Investigator Companies, you can do that tomorrow. Or, are you impressed with the success of Tinder/Swoon in US & Europe? Then buy our mobile dating app script, customize it for China and capture the largest dating market in the world - in days. RocketInternet is so cozy because, they implement a clone of a business that is successful in some part of the world and market it to a different region or target a niche. The reason they do that and get funded heavily is that, the idea does not need rigorous testing and n number of pivots to attain the perfect business flow. It is already available somewhere, they just need to copy a working startup or company. AppDupe does that same with the most popular web and mobile apps. We have some awesome apps, in our arsenal now, but in a few months' time, anyone will be able to buy a turnkey AppDupe script and launch any of the most successful mobile apps out there, exactly like RocketInternet, and make millions. It is not even a low hanging fruit, someone has already plucked it, washed and sliced it for them. Trying to raise funding for that venture, talk about a walk in the park.