• 2011 July 01

Company Description

Appforma offers Maverick, an automated virtual marketing platform for local businesses.

Appforma is the world’s best local marketing agency, and it’s virtual. Founded in 2011 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and marketers, Appforma’s mission is to help small businesses grow by providing the most effective, easy to use, affordable and aesthetic marketing solution out there. As a result, and after thousands of man hours, Appforma has designed the world’s best virtual marketing assistant. The combination of Appforma's Artificial Marketing Intelligence with creative ideas and amazing content helps local businesses achieve amazing results with limited budgets and minimal time. They made it so easy, that business owners can approve and manage their entire marketing program from their smartphones. Appforma will: Create a 12 month program with 50 marketing activities Run Facebook advertising Post on Facebook and Twitter Create and execute email marketing Run social contests, promotions and polls Manage and run loyalty program and retention activities So you’re sure to get: relevant fans, leads and sales Appforma - The world’s best local marketing agency for local businesses!