• 2015 August 03

Company Description

Applozic is a Cloud Based Messaging Software as a Service, that can be used to embed Chat, Messaging & Audio/Video Calling in any app.

Applozic is a boutique Messaging platform that can be used to embed any type of communication in any application. A simple analogy is with our platform enterprises can build their own 'White Labelled WhatsApp' for integration in their apps or websites. Applozic is a completely packaged solution for all your communication needs and has provisions for front-end UI customizations with open source UI kits, APIs & SDKs for development and integration and the backend server as well. The benefit is building one's own Communication Channels and integration becomes a breeze with Applozic and can be done in as less as 30 minutes, thereby saving Development and Infrastructure costs. Research shows communication within an app increases user-engagement and ensures more transaction, and our aim with Applozic is to help companies build communication channels in their applications.