Company Description

Apreso Classroom offers an automated lecture capturing and web publishing system that provides course materials and lectures online.

Educational institutions the world over are increasingly recognizing the value of making course lectures available to students for online review. They enable students to improve comprehension and retention, professors to improve the effectiveness of class and office hours, and universities to boost facility and technology usage. However, most solutions for getting lecture content online are prohibitively expensive, difficult to use, and lack the operational simplicity required for university-wide acceptance. Anystream's Apreso Classroom is an affordable automated lecture capture and Web publishing system that produces online versions of the classroom experience for on-demand student review. Apreso Classroom can be scheduled to start and stop automatically, removing the need for professors to learn to operate the system or change the way they teach. It automatically captures and synchronizes the professor's voice with visual aids being projected in the classroom, and posts an interactive, indexed Web-based version of the lecture to university websites or course management system. Designed specifically for higher education, Apreso Classroom's enterprise architecture integrates with campus-wide information systems. Permanently installed in the classroom, and operating without attendants, Apreso Classroom is the first lecture capture system affordable and practical enough to be deployed campus-wide.