• 2008 April 12

Company Description

Aptamer Group develop DNA and RNA nucleic acid aptamers for use in R&D, biomarker discovery, diagnostics or therapeutic developments.

The Aptamer group of companies focuses on the development of aptamer technologies. We develop nucleic acid aptamers for use in research & development, biomarker discovery, diagnostics or therapeutic developments. Aptamers are short DNA or RNA sequences that offer high-affinity and specificity to virtually all types of targets. They can therefore be thought of as synthetic nucleic acid equivalents of antibodies. Aptamers are versatile, cost effective and offer a complementary or alternative solution to antibodies. We have over 20 years combined expertise in the development of nucleic acid aptamers to peptides, proteins, cells, tissue samples, micro-organisms and small molecules. The Aptamer Group of companies has cutting edge platforms for the selection of aptamers. These include semi-automated selection platforms which ensure accurate replication of selection conditions to ensure the best quality aptamers result. We can use a wide range of targets: peptide, proteins, whole cells, viruses, small molecules etc. The typical aptamer selection process can be completed in a matter of weeks. Monoclonal antibodies usually take several months to generate. Our custom service can be focussed on a particular application so that the resultant aptamers are pre-optimized for use with a given detection platform, sample type and assay buffer. Aptamers themselves are increasingly being perceived as the state of the art reagent of choice for a wide range of applications including: Imaging experiments: fluorescence, bright field and phase contrast, IHC, ICC Quantification: ELISA (or ELONA), homogeneous assays etc. Rapid diagnostics: Lateral flow devices, biosensors, electrochemical detection, nano-wires Binding studies: label free detection, SPR, Biolayer Interferometry Purification: affinity chromatography We also offer an aptamer based assay development service. Our solution can be used to identify aptamers for virtually any application and against almost any target in almost any condition. Our applications are more diverse than those for which antibodies have been used. These include therapeutics, in biomarker discover, in drug target discovery, as diagnostics, in biosensors as components of biochemical tests such as Lateral flow devices, enzyme linked oligonucleotide assays (ELONA: the aptamer based equivalent of ELISA), in affinity chromatography and as research reagents. For more information visit: www.aptamergroup.co.uk and www.aptamersolutions.co.uk