• 2017 June 19

Company Description

Worldwide classified website and apps

Adverto is a young company created in June 2017 by Andrey Grunin and Dmitry Shamilov. Andrey Grunin is the founder of several successful companies in financial and business training and brokers on financial markets. He has experience in both creating new companies and promoting them on the market. Dmitry Shamilov is an experienced manager with good technical knowledge and extensive IT experience (web programming, client/server applications, back-end). He is also the founder of several Internet companies. The project is our joint brainchild and a symbiosis of common ideas and their realizations. We gathered a small team of professionals in various IT spheres to create this product. When creating Adverto, we first of all proceed from what is required by the end user and work through the entire structure of the programs as qualitatively as possible and rely on large loads. Thus, today all the basic functionality is already developed on platforms for iOS and Android, as well as the website. The entire set of programs were tested, load testing was carried out, which showed the ability to store and quickly process a huge amount of data simultaneously. Already, applications and the website were translated by professionals to the following languages: English, Greek, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian. In the close future we are planning to add these languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. We would like to note that at the moment we have implemented a huge basic functionality. The project is fully launched and available for download in the AppStore and Play Market, however, we have a lot of innovative ideas and services that have no analogs anywhere in the world, no one of the competitors, and their potential and value (including financial) - a colossal one. We are in the process of developing these ideas and technologies and they will be implemented gradually as the product is being promoted on the world market. The project will be very useful for small companies that do not have a website or have recently been created and are difficult to be found on the Internet. The benefit will be that small manufacturers, service companies and small stores will be able to easily spread information about their products and themselves and quickly find buyers. In order to succeed this, a separate function is being developed. At the moment, all funding for the project is carried out at the expense of the founders. Since the development plans of the project include developments for all the countries of the world, the new infusions of funds will greatly accelerate the development and value of the project and also increase the reach of the audience.