• 2013

Company Description

Chinese takeaway based in UK.

About Chinese Food. Delivered. In Highbury & Islington. Order online at zing-zing.co.uk Mission Our philosophy is simple. We believe that your favourite Chinese dishes should be made with the freshest ingredients and no added chemicals. We believe that your order should arrive piping hot and on time. We also believe in fairies (although that’s not so relevant at this point). Description It’s time for a shake up of the Chinese takeaway food industry, which we believe has been heading down a dangerous path for a number of decades. Quality now comes second to convenience every time. Low grade ingredients are rife, chemical additives are the core element of most recipes and bad customer service is not just tolerated, we pretty much expect it! However, despite this recent drop in standards, over time Chinese food has taken the UK by storm. The dishes have become household names and we have all come to love the unique taste of oriental flavours. Chinese food has essentially become, well…British. No one loves Chinese food more than the team here at Zing Zing. We've decided to take it upon ourselves to single handedly improve the Chinese takeaway industry one area at a time, starting with Highbury and Islington. Join the Chinese Food Revolution and place your first order at zing-zing.co.uk