• 2007

Company Description

ZoneFlow Reactors – Poised to Revolutionize the Production of Hydrogen for Essential Industrial Processes.

ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, LLC, focuses on the development of reactor technologies to improve the efficiency of the production of hydrogen and syngas by the steam methane reforming (SMR) process. Founded in 2007, our Company has since completed all of the basic research and development to bring its first generation of reactors to the threshold of commercialization. Their Company is addressing the core technology of a massive industry at the heart of the modern economy. SMR is the dominant process worldwide for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives, representing about $50 billion/yr of capital and operating costs. Oil refining, ammonia for fertilizers, direct reduced iron (DRI) from iron ore, and methanol production all use the SMR process. They estimate that if their reactor technology were applied to all of the new SMR production capacity projected to be built in the hydrogen, ammonia, and DRI segments in the next ten years, the net value of the capital and energy savings relative to the next best technology alternatives would be $6.0Bn. If their Company’s reactor technology were applied to half of the existing hydrogen, ammonia, and DRI SMR plants, expanding their capacity by 25%, the value relative to the use of the best alternative technology would be $13Bn.