• 2016 March 18

Company Description

Zuper is an AI-driven finance coach that helps people improve their financial health with convenient mobile apps.

Everyone knows that managing your finances is critical for your quality of life, but let's be honest: keeping track of your money can be awkward, time-consuming, inconvenient and just plain boring. Zuper wants to change that using smart defaults, automation, gamification and AI to help you control your finances and begin building wealth. Now available in Germany and Austria, Zuper is an AI-driven app that allows you to securely connect all your bank accounts in one place and watch your transactions categorize themselves. Whether you have one account or many, you have a global view in your pocket at all times. When you see where you're spending, it's easy to make changes, and we'll create alerts when you need them and look for ways to help you save money. It's time for money management to be smarter, easier and more fun.