• 2006 June 24

Company Description

1234ENTER is a SaaS-based company that helps small and medium businesses get started in digital marketing.

Zweitgeist produces the social software weblin, which 'makes people visible on websites' and 'makes communication possible across all websites.' Zweitgeist was founded in June 2006. Zweitgeist provides the product weblin as a free of charge download. The program got several awards, Business 2.0 included weblin in the list of the 31 most promising non-US American Web 2.0 websites and the company is aided in the High-Tech startupinitiative 'unternimm was' from Microsoft. Zweitgeist's first cooperation partners include Windows Live Messenger Germany, IBM and the Italian car brand Lancia.

  • Manufacturer:

    Information Technology
  • Formed:

    October 24, 2006
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  • Company Address:

    Stahltwiete 23
  • CEO:

    • Jan Andresen