• 1933 March 30
    (b.) - ?


A German Electrical Engineer noted for his contributions to semiconductor technologies for integrated circuits, he received the Vordiplom from the Technische Hochschule of Dresden. Integrated circuits can be made very compact, having up to several billion transistors and other electronic components in an area the size of a fingernail. He was born in Liegnitz (Legnica), Lower Silesia and worked at the IBM Laboratories in B?blingen. He, along with Siegfried K. Wiedmann, received the 1977 IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award "for the invention and exploration of the Merged Transistor Logic (MTL)". Integrated injection logic (IIL, I2L, or I2L) is a class of digital circuits built with multiple collector bipolar junction transistors (BJT). When introduced it had speed comparable to TTL yet was almost as low power as CMOS, making it ideal for use in VLSI (and larger) integrated circuits. Although the logic voltage levels are very close (High: 0.7V, Low: 0.2V), I2L has high noise immunity because it operates by current instead of voltage. It is sometimes also known as merged transistor logic. He and S. K. Wiedmann are co-authors of, "Merged-Transistor Logic (MTL) - A Low-Cost Bipolar Logic Concept", IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. SC-7, No. 5, Oct. 1972, pp. 340-346. Later he became a researcher and teacher at the Technical University of Berlin.
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    1933 March 30
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    Contributor to semiconductor technologies for integrated circuits
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