• 1921 August 24
    (b.) - ?


Worked with noted Russian Computer pioneer Lebedev in design of early Soviet Computers. In 1955-1958, Malinovsky designed a specialized computer for ground-based radar data processing and an airborne digital control computer for aviation. In 1958-1962, he served as chief designer of the DNEPR, the first Soviet digital transistor-based multi-purpose control computer. The DNEPR was mass-produced in 1962-1972; the total of nearly 500 production control and other control systems based on the DNEPR computers were implemented in the Soviet Union. B. Malinovsky's activity has promoted foundation of scientific school in the field of digital control technology in Ukraine. In 1957-1962, Malinovsky was the deputy director of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Computer Center and the head of its specialized computers department. In June 1962 the Center was renamed the Cybernetics Institute, and Malinovsky was appointed a head of its control computers department. In 1969 B.Malinovsky was elected Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukr.SSR. In 1967-1973 he supervised origination of the first in Ukraine minicomputer M 180 for the laboratory scientific experiment automation system. In 1969-1979 he served as a head of the Council on scientific research automation at the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Ukr.SSR and actively promoted those works. Till the middle of 70s near 100 systems for automation of experimental scientific research were created at the AS of Ukr.SSR. In 1973-1986 B.Malinovsky took part in the development of the first in the USSR family of microcomputers "Electronica C 5", personal computer "Neuron" and also signal processors for the new generation terrestrial and onboard communication systems. B.Malnovsky published over 200 research works, including 12 monographs. He trained 10 doctors and 40 candidates of science. Boris Malinovsky is awarded with the orders of "Red Labor Banner", "October Revolution", "Bogdan Khmelnitsky", he is twice laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine (1977, 2003) and prizes of the Presidium of the AS of Ukr.SSR after S.Lebedev (1978) and V.Glushkov (1984). In 1998 B.Malinovsky was granted with rank of "Dignified leader of the science and technology of Ukraine". In 2002 he was awarded with the prize after V.Vernadsky by "Ukraine of XXI century" Fund. *** For the last years B.Malinovsky is actively working on the history of the computer techniques. He wrote books: "Academician S.Lebedev" (1992), "Academician V.Glushkov" (1993), "History of the compution technique in persons" (1995), "Essays on the history of the computer science and information technology in Ukraine" (1998), "Known and unknown in the history of information technology in Ukraine" (2001), "Nothing is more precious..." (2004); scripts for the movies "Academician S.Lebedev. For eternal storage." (Kiev studio for the popular scientific films, 1992), "Cyberneticist V. Glushkov. A sight from the future." (Kiev studio "Golden Gates", 1993).
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    1921 August 24
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    Design of early computers and Control Systems in Soviet Union
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