• 1986

Company Description

Zevacor develops, manufactures, and distributes PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals.

Zevacor Molecular and Zevacor, Pharma, Inc. (fka IBA Molecular North America, Inc.) are both subsidiaries of Illinois Health and Science (IHS), a non-profit healthcare system that specializes in enhancing patient care through strategic investments in healthcare-related opportunities. The Zevacor family takes pride in role helping fulfill IHS’s mission to enhance longevity and the quality of human life through improved patient care and outcomes. Zevacor Molecular and Zevacor Pharma develop, manufacture and distribute PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals and associated educational services used in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. In addition, Zevacor Molecular is finalizing the construction of a new 70 MeV cyclotron and multiple synthesis and processing units for production and distribution of a broad range of clinical and research radioisotopes at its Noblesville, IN headquarters and Zevacor Pharma provides investigative and custom radiolabeling services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and research institutions nationwide helping them develop the next generation of molecular imaging and therapeutic products.