Version 2.3

Target Date: January 31, 2017

  • cannot see search bar, admin bar covers up nav
  • cannot see admin owner of records in companies, software, etc. and no owner, email address or password
  • clear spam out of blog
  • We need an approval for posts in the blog
  • most pages wont scroll
  • entries in the company database must fill in the contact email address.
  • 404 when creating a 'Resource' entry
  • have admin reset password or show it.
  • import email addresses for honor roll
  • deleting of trustees or directors does not work
  • when editing a new entry, linking to the proposed URL, start a new page and leave the page that is being edited open
  • notification of new members signing up
  • Add tp 'register', 'become a new member'
  • Add the search bar on the Resource page to go to Archive-IT
  • Configure Google Webmaster Tools — Make sure that "Additional Pages" offers direct access to /hardware, /software, etc. when people find in Google searches.
  • Blog Comments by Disqus — Our IT Databases have comments handled by Disqus, but it appears that comments on blog posts are handled by Drupal.  This should be fixed so that we're using the superior Disqus engine for everything.
  • Investigate Disqus Queue — We need to find out how to access/operate the Disqus comments.
  • Configure Disqus to Require Membership — Is it possible for us to set up Disqus to require that anyone posting a comment must first be an ITHS member? (Do we want to do that?)
  • CSS to Show Disabled Date-Picker Items — When adding/editing database items, the date-picker allows specifying "year only", or "year month" or "year month day".  If there's no year, then month/day are disabled (for instance).  Those disabled elements should be visibly greyed (by opacity or color change) in CSS.
  • Quote Dates missing from Single-Item View — Items from the 'quotes' db don't seem to have their dates displayed on the single view. Oversight?
  • Honor Roll needs Photo Filter — There should be an option for "only show entries with photos", as we have for hardware/software/companies.
  • Honor Roll has quote/apostrophe problems — Possibly an import error, honorees with apostrophes or special characters incorrectly display as ' (see for example).  Maybe best to correct manually?
  • Honor Roll unknown DOBs — Honor Roll members who have explicitly marked "unknown D.O.B." should have "unknown (b.)" displayed on top-right of the "single item view".
  • Stop Squishing Wide Honor Roll Photos — Images which are in landscape orientation get "squished" to a 1:1 aspect ratio, when instead they should be cropped.
  • Multiple Citations need different names — Editing /hardware items there's a field for one 'source name', and multiple URLs.  However, in /companies there's the attribution credits are in pairs where each item has a Title and a URL.  The latter is correct — /hardware and /software should be modified to follow the example of /companies.  And probably all our other tables as well (honor roll, resources, quotes).
  • Back End: Hide Certain Items from Regular Users — At present “regular” (non-Admin) users see more controls than they're allowed to use. Specifically, they shouldn’t see the the control for “Set Moderation State”, since they don’t have permission to do that and it’s confusing. Also if possible, they shouldn’t see the “moderate” tab, for the same reason. This needs careful consideration and testing, to make sure we don't conceal vital functions, but that we also don't show more than necessary.
  • General Search to be filtered by data type — On desktop and mobile (all versions), we’d like to be able to filter the search results according to which of the 6 tables we want (can be implemented via dropdown menu for Hardware/Software/Companies/etc.)
  • Search Results can suppress author data — To make less clutter, when we display the results of a text search, suppress the "author & creation date" of each node returns (they presently all say "admin - Dec 31, 2015" which isn't useful information anyway).
  • Blog has off-by-one page numbering error — is actually the THIRD page of the blog index. please correct this "off-by-one" defect.
  • Companies should have 'deep links' to their 'browse product' pages — When viewing a Company, there should be a button for "view all [hardware/software] by this manufacturer" which links directly to the faceted browser at /hardware or /software.
  • All faceted pages should default to "oldest->newest" — We're an historical site; let's default to showing off our antiques first! 
  • URIs for faceted search should have more appropriate tokens — Detailed description is on our Trello board. (1) Please abbreviate the parameters on /hardware as: type, make, date, sort, show; corresponding changes to /software and /companies where appropriate; (2) for URI purposes the sort-order menu should be Sort-order menu should be abbreviated as: sort=asc, desc, newest, oldest, newest-record, oldest-record; (3) the image radio button defaults to "only show items with images", but also has an option "show all".  If selected, that should be abbreviated as "show=all"; else should be "show=image-only"
  • URIs for faceted search maybe should have names instead of numbers — Must discuss this carefully.  It would be nice to have human-readable URIs like "hardware?make=apple" instead of numeric, like "hardware?make=1234", but in that case if we change a company name in the future then it might disable "permalinks" around the web. Human-readable URIs are more "sharing-friendly", though.  Hard to judge which issue should have priority.  Leaning towards "friendliness", because engagement is a priority.  If a human-readable URI fails in the future, it will be fairly obvious how someone can remedy the problem.
  • 'Member List' restorations — The old site had a List of Corporate Members and a List of Institutional Members. Need to bring that back (pending Board decisions about how to treat the concept of 'membership' going forward.
  • LARGER ITEM: 'Museums' database — This used to be a static list on the old site. We should copy it over (and ideally turn it into a new db).
  • LARGER ITEM: 'Events' database — This was on our old site; let's bring it back.Events Db is there, need to be able to edit it and add enttries.  Do not display events prior to today's date.  Never delete an event.
  • LARGER ITEM: Hardware/Software 'Submit forms' should trigger new Companies — If someone types a name that's not in our list, let's display "hint text" below the entry field, advising that a new Company Record will be created with that name. We should also think through the UX flow for how to direct the submitter to edit that company page right after their record submission.
  • SEVERE Safari Problems — We recently noticed that the menu design/layout fails almost completely in Safari! Must be fixed!
  • New Logo for ITHS — Several volunteer students designed great options for us, which will be easier to see at small sizes (icons), and which have fewer colors to enable better reproduction on clothing or printed materials. Let's make the switch and start using one of them.
  • Re-Design Skin — We'd like to have an artist review the colors/fonts/placement of elements, site-wide
  • "Login/Register" doesn't fit very well — On the top of the screen, the blue controls for login/registration/logout are causing clutter against the grey menu with "about us", etc.
  • The words "IT History Society" don't appear at all on the mobile header. — Must be fixed.
  • Add "blog" to primary nav — If we're going to have the blog, it should be as easy to find as hardware/software/etc.  HOWEVER, it's not a searchable DB in the same way as our "main 6", so visually perhaps it should be "apart"?  Also if we add "events" and "museums", and maybe "corporate members" and "instuitutional members", then really we need to think through the whole menu/nav layout to make sure everything has a tidy place.
  • Make sure all Nav properly responsive — Remember, editors have extra nav options, too!  And this round of changes calls for a bunch of menu additions.  Make sure every menu works, for editors as well as non-logged-in users, at all three sizes:  Desktop, Tablet, Phone
  • Better /blog sidebar — /blog sidebar links to databases don't seem to work on mobile — and really they should be buttons using the same font-awesome icons from our "search results" page.
  • Facebook "Like Box" above the fold — It would be nice to see in the header "12302 people on facebook, including 32 of your friends, like IT History Society" or equivalent
  • Editors who are logged in need easier way to find moderation queue — Right now they have to use the Drupal-standard "black bar across the top", which is cluttered with too many other options.  Let's make a more direct/inviting path!
  • More Inviting Page for New Members to Join — If a user clicks the blue CTA for "Edit this Page" or "Contribute to Database", the screen that declares the need for an account isn't very inviting. Let's really showcase, graphically, what's in our db and what it means to be a member!
  • Better Text on HomePage Sliders — The copy hasn't been thought out very carefully, and could be better-placed against the background images. We don't need 6 slides, either, could be fewer.
  • Deceased Trustees — On /board, mark somehow the Trustees who are deceased. Maybe in the "bio" field we can indicate "Deceased 2015, served 1992-2015"?
  • Let's have a “6 Databases” Screen — It would be helpful to have a "Choose a Database to Explore" screen with 2 columns and 3 rows, displaying a button for each — along with its FontAwesome icon and maybe a background image to further communicate its subject matter.
  • DB of Curricula — To support our claim that we're an educational resource, we should have a listing of online courses and texts and educational materials. Must first figure out what this would be like, what fields would be included, etc.


Have we missed anything?

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