• 2015

Company Description

Ziel Solutions creates wearable technology that focus on injury prevention.

Ziel Solutions is a technology company. It provides smart and data-driven wearable devices that helps its users prevent risks of injuries. The wearable device combines muscle sensors and motion analysis to objectively identify harmful pitching of baseballs. The device gives feedback on its connected smartphone, allowing its user to collect the right data after every throw. Ziel also produces sensory sleeve for baseball players to reduce risk of arm injury. Its technology can be applied to to any repetitive physical activity- workouts, marathon running, and repetitive stress injuries in the workplace. Ziel Solutions was founded by Alex Dzeda and Senthil Natarajan in 2015; and is located in Houston, Texas.

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    Senthil Natarajan
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    Houston, TX
    United States
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    • Senthil Natarajan