• 2008 January 03

Company Description

ZimpleMoney is automated online software for creating and automating loan management and in-house financing plans.

ZimpleMoney is a fully automated online software for businesses and consumers to make and automate loan management and in-house financing plans. ZimpleMoney sends a bill, accepts payments, posts ledgers and deposits cash instructed. Alerts and messages sent to the all parties, advising them of the status throughout the process. ZimpleMoney puts you in control of financing your customers and is an easy to use alternative to expensive bank financing or credit credit cards. ZimpleMoney is used by businesses throughout the United States, including auto dealers, family offices, travel industries, Friends & families, property owners, Private RE Lenders, banks, and other retailers. ZimpleMoney also helps its business users sell and borrow money to replenish capital that generates more sales.