Company Description

ZUZTERTU is a U.K.-based company that develops educational and informational mobile solutions for individuals to develop and grow.

ZUZTERTU DESIGNS AND DEVELOPS EDUCATIONAL MOBILE APPS AND SOLUTIONS KEY NEW PRODUCTS: POLLOCK'S TOY THEATRE APP FOR IPAD Designed to bring the beautiful toy theatres of the Victorian era to life again through this gorgeous and innovative application for the ipad. Just like the original toy theatres where you immerse yourself in building your own theatre sets and choosing your characters, all this can be done now in this new and exciting medium. Users can enjoy recording their favorite scenes with personalized voice overs or even creating their own plays. We have designed the application to stay as authentic to the original Victorian toy theatres. Thus, the images have all been sourced from the originals in the archives of the renowned Pollockâ€s Toy Shop London. This first release of the application contains the scenery backdrops and characters for Shakespeareâ€s “Midsummer Night Dream”. KO-SU - AN INTUITIVE MOBILE LEARNING PLATFORM THAT IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TEACH OR LEARN. IT DISTINGUISHES ITSELF FROM OTHER E-LEARNING PLATFORMS IN THAT IT IS DESIGNED TO CREATE MOBILE DEVICE OPTIMISED CONTENT AND ACTIVITIES. The implications for any kind of “teacher” in the widest sense of the word are revolutionary. It allows the teacher to run their class or deliver the material from anywhere in the world; to react instantly to answers, individual needs of the students, and give individualised feedback. Sectors that have been dubbed to provide fertile hot-spots of adoption include mainstream education, music education, horticulture, medicine, career advice and flexible working practices. Ko-Su has been designed to incorporate: - Intuitive content management tools that can allow for any subject area to be tailored and optimized for the mobile devices and their capabilities. - Offline support for learning to be taken outside of the traditional classrooms. - Intuitive class creation. - Reporting tool that allows for student-by-student customization and feedback.