• 2010 April 01

Company Description

mobile social app discovery

Zwapp builds iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android apps that help friends discover new apps together. Zwapp is build from the ground up with the notion that your friends are the dominant filter to find the best new apps. Zwapp makes it easy to share your apps with your friends and browse the apps your friends have. Instead of searching through hundreds of thousands of apps in the App store, you can discover new apps interactively with your friends. Discovery of new apps evolves around the Zwapp feed, a real time, Facebook-like, news feed that shows what apps your friends are downloading or using right now. You can write app reviews, add comments and likes and start discussions around your favorite apps. The live feed displays these app conversations in real time, stimulating you and your friends to join the conversation. Zwapp automatically detects new apps on your device, so that you can quickly build up a profile of apps that you own. You can follow friends you already know on Facebook or Twitter with a simple UI and build up a vibrant app community in seconds. Zwapp extends to the web as well. Zwapp users can visit and share their profile and apps on the web with their friends. When you browse the Zwapp network you will not only see friends and their apps, but you can also browse apps and see who uses them.