• 2014 September 25

Company Description

ZWOOKY is an anonymous secure messaging platform, using assigned digit as an user ID.

Although ZWOOKY is used primarily for establishing contact, it is not a social media platform and will not replace it. ZWOOKY is a contact system. But it can do much more and has a very versatile application. For example, for labelling (suitcases, keys, etc.), as a serial number or for product registration, linking / forwarding (publicity, advertisements). In some distant future one can also use ZWOOKY to make calls and its code can be used as scanning code. The ever increasing need of Internet users to protect their privacy gave Thomas Stoll the idea of a new contact system. The idea developed during the search for a new option for socializing without disclosing e-mail, telephone number or personal data and over the course of 20 months matured into what ZWOOKY is today. And the idea continues to grow ...