• 2005

Company Description

Zyken develops innovative premium wellness products for hotel guestrooms, spas, and homes.

Zyken is a growing company developing innovative premium wellness products for hotel guestrooms, spas and homes. Zyken products deliver a unique combination of scientific research, cutting-edge technology and exclusive design. Zyken products allow hotel and spa operators to provide guests with an exceptional sensory experience conducive to wellness and restful sleep. NightCove by Zyken is an innovative wellness, sleep and wake-up device developed in partnership with Paris-based designer Patrick Jouin, and Professor Damien Leger, a scientific expert with a worldwide reputation in the field of sleep research. NightCove combines scientifically-validated high-powered LED technologies with advanced acoustics to provide hotel guests with a high quality 'wellness and sleep experience'. Since launch, NightCove has been deployed by more than forty luxury hotels including Four Seasons Paris, Plaza Athénée Paris, W Hotel Koh Samui, Trianon Palace Versailles, Riverton Göteborg, Westin Paris...