• 2009

Company Description

A football (soccer) centric, community-specific, news, information, audience interaction and engagement network.

Merging traditional methods of newsgathering with new media means of production is 077football News & Media Limited, publisher of 077football.com, a football (soccer) centric; community-specific; news; information; audience interaction and engagement network driven by passionate people who are dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for individual towns and villages. We're a for-purpose, youth media company for mobile owning, socially-conscious football folk worldwide who spend much of their time on the hoof. Our members are local, authentic, transparent and ethical. Run by a professional journalist who spent over 10 years working on The Observer newspaper sports desk as a reporter and sub editor in London, we are committed to local, community football for all regardless of ability, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. We are redefining how the game is viewed and content is shared and communicated to an 18-34 audience, providing the most shareable and original content from across the social web; a new kind of direct-to-consumer publishing house that exists within the fabric of social networks. We help to build youth communities across multiple channels including the website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. We know our audience, are on their side, and are intent of levelling the playing field with our community bringing people together as we try to use our influence for good. We are a collaboration between independent audio/visual content creators (whether they be professionals, semi-pro freelancers or citizen journalists) and funding partners/influencers/brands from around the world and our editorial focus will be on working with the best talent, both individually and within digital production. 077football Premium, a premium digital subscription service £2 ($2.50) a month.  About 20 percent of 077football content will be available only to Premium subscribers; including 24/7 access to the online 077football Index card trading game designed for mobile phones, opinion columns, exclusive interviews and in-depth features and analysis. The remaining 80 percent will remain free to access, including all video. Our mission is to create content for digital natives (the generation of people born during or after the rise of digital technologies) who love our content and what we do. Members of our network who own smartphones and GoPros are encouraged to help tell stories in first person. We are first and foremost content creators that encourage our readers to take an active role in every story they read and inspire others to become agents of change in the football world. Members are also able to ask influencers, experts and footballers their questions which are answered either free of charge or for a micro-payment. The payment helps filter out social media noise and ensures that users have a real question worth their time. 077football.com helps to level the playing field and financially supports the teams and players within its ecosystem who share their stories, match reports and statistics by adopting a collaborative revenue sharing model for our targeted advertising offering. For every £1 we take in advertising, individual players and teams get back 77p to help pay for their subs, deep heat, essential kit or half-time oranges etc. 077football.com allows users to become micro-philanthropists, too, at the touch of a button through our micro-donation platform which allows users who are passionate about grassroots football to fund players and clubs in increments of 50p, £1, £2, £3, £4 or £5 (or a lot more in respect of high earning professional players) who then share their actions with their friends. With 077football.com, users can discover and donate to their favourite players, managers, clubs, fans and bloggers. Users may also create a story of their own to raise funds for a cause that matters to them. With donations capped at £5 (unless you're a pro looking to redistribute wealth to the grassroots game), the platform is designed for everyone looking to make a difference; by closely integrating with major social networks, 077football.com helps turn conversations into results. We're able to do this as a commercial operation that raises funds for the public good and aim to be internationally recognised for behaving in a socially responsible way – encouraging a lot of people to play the beautiful game while watering grassroots football in terms of funding. Eventually, 077football will be part of the fabric of everyday football life and every player will have an 077football.com index score. 077football.com also is a two-sided marketplace for sports sponsorship. The platform allows brands to search, connect and sponsor opportunities in professional and amateur sports sponsorship. We help brands identify sponsorship opportunities with rights holders and charge a monthly subscription to brands for access to the site, which includes our analytics, pricing suggestions and the ability to post a campaign visible to our members. We also take a commission from the deal from players/clubs (23p in the £1). Subscribed brands can do deals for cash, product, equity or royalty. The future success of 077football.com will only be possible if the members of the community enjoy the trust and confidence of players and community itself. The key to this, we believe, is our approach to corporate responsibility which is shared by the commercial brands we choose to partner with that allow our users to continue watching content for free. We build meaningful connections between leading footballers at every level of the game, local and global brands, and highly engaged fans, through compelling, sharable content that binds their lives together. We broadcast content focusing on various subjects relating to football subculture such as music, fashion, photos, travel (via 077football News & Media's dedicated online channel: www.FarPost.TV), technology (although not in-stadium wifi), investigations and match-day food/diet. The company also produces and licenses its content for mobile, TV, film, newspaper and magazine companies; and publishes content across various categories for the web. In addition, it offers football-related stuff through its online store. 077football.com is at the pre-seed funding stage and has thus far been a bootstrapped, self funded platform, which is currently in beta.