• 2010 April 01

Company Description

Non-profit Incubator providing entrepren

100 Urban Entrepreneurs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping provide a meaningful, long-term economic boost to urban communities throughout the United States by supporting entrepreneurship at its earliest stages. 100 Urban Entrepreneurs has a goal to dismantles urban entrepreneurs’ main obstacles — lack of access to information, capital and professional networks. It’s important to note that the vast majority of the businesses we help are not high-tech firms. They’re culinary shops, retail operations, fashion lines, tutoring services — the kinds of companies that knit together urban communities nationwide, creating jobs and economic growth in the places they call home. That, ultimately, is what sets 100UE apart: We invest at the beginning of businesses’ life cycle, when they’re unlikely to attract the attention of angel investors or venture capitalists. Research shows that urban entrepreneurs receive a minuscule share of early-stage funding, so 100UE targets its financing accordingly — assisting these young businesspeople and their communities when they need it most.