• 2010 April 01

Company Description

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We are a dedicated team of professional social media and SEO experts Our team consist of 28 members who have years of experience in social media, social networking websites, SEO and internet marketing. We know how to run a campaign on social media which generate good results. We keep on updating our self to understand latest industry trends.

Our research and development team:

This team consists of 4 members whose task is to perform RND on the subject of social media. When you place order with us they also analyze your page which help us understanding your targeted audience and then we promote it to related group of people. Our business analyst team: Most of the time we receive custom orders which need some business analysis including how much potential your page has to attract new number of likes. If that goes good then we can start a contract with them in which they subscribe our service on monthly basis and we provide them regular service for Facebook likes. Page and community management team: This is our most important team whose task is to manage, control and handle all our groups, pages and communities. They keep on updating pages and engaging audience to attract new followers and likes and to keep the community active they perform a lot of things. We keep on adding more groups and pages to cover all categories that’s why we say that “We can deliver 1000 of likes in a just one days to any page, post or status” our team Our customer support team: We have hired most talented and responsive customer support agents whose prime purpose is to take care of all customer queries 24/7. They also take care of all the orders and emails. We keep on arranging meetings with our customer support team to help them improve their skills which will eventually increase our customer’s trust.