Company Description

What are you looking for? Get it for just Rs.100.

Everything that surrounds 100 rupees is us. They are a platform where people can buy and sell products, and services for just 100 rupees. Their goal is to help people make a living with their site. If sellers can focus on volume there is a big market waiting for them. People want to buy products and services for 100 rupees but if it is just local then sellers will make very little money whereas when the market is as big as 1.25 billion people then your chances as seller is far greater than what you can imagine. Their objective is to give buyers great quality. They encourage their sellers to give the best so that buyers come to them again and also recommend to their friends. There are hundreds of startup companies who want to buy at an affordable price and if they get quality they will buy more. There are thousands of small businesses who are ready to offer products and services at 100 rupees. They are just bridging the gap.