• 2015 July 01

Company Description

10Fund (Chinese: 翊翎资本) is a venture capital firm that invests in emerging start-ups in China and the US.

1 and 0 -- two fundamental symbols in the binary system can create infinite programs and actualize innumerable possibilities. That's where we derive the name '10Fund'. 10Fund has invested in more than 25 companies ranging from Internet to healthcare to data to agriculture. These companies include CloudBrain.ai, Bluehalo, iKuai, Botbrain.ai, Airmule, CAIZ, Juhe Data, CareerX, AntFarm and more. We believe that for the next decade, there will be a window opportunity for the fusion of Sino-US talent exchange, financial investment and technology penetration. 10Fund fuels this environment through comprehensive investment and post-investment expertise and value-added services, including its recently launched 10Space tech incubators throughout China.