• 2011

Company Description

Software product installed on mobile phone networks to disable phone use when driving

10n2 Technologies Ltd markets mobile applications to prevent texting, phoning (unless hands free), emailing and Internet browsing on a smartphone while an individual is driving a vehicle. It has developed an enterprise and consumer solution and is initially targeting the enterprise market: employers supplying smartphones for staff in the US, UK and Ireland. It works by using the GPS function on a smartphone to detect the speed of the vehicle. Employees traveling above a threshold speed will have their texting capabilities suspended unless the individual can pass an “Attention Verification Test”, which is practically impossible to complete if driving at the same time. In this way the application differentiates between a driver and a passenger when the vehicle is traveling above the threshold speed. The incentive for enterprises to deploy the solution is to reduce accident damage claims of employees, reducing insurance premiums and liability costs associated with law suits, in addition to lowering employee and vehicle downtime costs.