Company Description

10rate is a website that provides top 10 lists in a variety of topics.

Our goal is making product and service selection easy for our customers through use of our top 10 lists. 10rate strives to bring you the best expert Top 10 Review lists available on the Internet and by Android and Apple mobile App. There are no marketing influences behind our ratings. We present the information to you in an easy to use format so that you may see our editors choices on the best quality (regardless of price), the best budget (based on a good product with a budget price), and the best value (based on a combination of price and quality). Our product and service ratings are convenient and easy to understand based on a 1-10 rating. We are one of the only review companies that actually assigns a relevant numerical rating to each product. All of our top 10 lists and product reviews are generated by a combination of factors during our research including hands on reviews, consumer reviews of the product or service, and intense specification and features scrutiny. Our experts perform hours of research in each product or service category and in many cases hundreds of hours. Every article and product or service buying guide is originally researched and written by 10Rate editors.