• 2011

Company Description

The World's Most Talented Independent Technologists, At Your Service

Need proven talent for your tech project? 10x Management represents some of the world’s most sought-after independent developers, designers, and other technology professionals. Our top specialists have a record of creating next-level products, industry-leading companies, and competition-killing brands. We can help you engage an expert for any stage of the development process. 10x minimizes risk & maximizes benefit. We save you the cost of finding and screening potential freelancers—and the risk of not getting the job done right the first time. The technology professionals we represent are chosen from thousands and thoroughly vetted for their creativity, productivity, and professionalism. Vision refinement, Customer development, Product development, Project management, Engineering, Data science, Machine learning, DevOps, Design, UX, Branding, Communications, For a full list please visit our website: http://www.10xmanagement.com/capabilities/