• 2013 November 01

Company Description

11.2 Capital is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in breakthrough technologies in software, hardware, and healthcare.

11.2 Capital is an early stage venture capital fund based in San Francisco, California. In physics, 11.2 km/s is the escape velocity from Earth's gravity. We invest in early-stage technology startups with a global vision and help them grow. We love breakthrough technology companies in 1) enterprise software including security, big data, 2) smart hardware including AR, VR, robotics, and 3) data-driven healthcare including therapeutics, diagnostics, tools, digital health. 11.2 Capital believes great people are leading indicators of a company's success. 11.2 Capital’s technical background, operational experience, and a strong network of amazing advisors and international partners particularly in China deliver a unique set of resources to entrepreneurs. While we are happy to help companies across the full range of early-stage company questions, areas where we concentrate include technical recruiting, partnerships (for example, OEM partnerships for smart hardware companies, data partnerships for data-driven health companies, distribution partnerships), customer introductions (for example, CISO introductions for security companies), and follow-on financings. They aspire to be one of the most helpful investors to a company and help create something extraordinary.