• 2012 February 17

Company Description

Mobilizing Marketing Across All Media Measuring & Tracking Users from Online Marketing to Physical Store Location Providing true ROI insight

1-2-1 Mobile uniquely solves one of the key challenges that marketers face today – measuring and tracking a conversion that starts with online marketing and ends in a physical store location. It provides a granular true ROI insight, tracking customer’s unique ID from banner’s clicks, to promotions’ download, all the way to redemption at the shop. It provides a crystal-clear transparency of sourced traffic by identifying each customer’s true ID and source, at a time when more than 52% of online traffic is BOT based and ad fraudulent activity is widespread and causing billions of dollars in losses, particularly in paid traffic advertising. 1-2-1 Mobile is a cloud based platform that mobilizes marketing across any media form. The platform uniquely closes the marketing loop by mobilizing each ad campaign's 'call to action' across any media. It constantly monitors all mobile, online and offline customers' engagements, and thus enables unique pairing of online KPIs with physical customer response at the point-of-sale. Moreover, throughout the entire customers' engagement cycle, it is automatically capturing and building a database of the engaged customers' mobile numbers, all of which can be integrated into any customer’s existing POS or CRM systems. 1-2-1 Mobile has partnered with top-tier automotive groups, is a CDK Global Partner and has deployed its solution with great success at hundreds of automotive dealerships and retailers nationwide. It delivers an unparalleled performance and ROI, consistently outperforming all other marketing channels and has become best in class marketing mobilization solution.