• 2009

Company Description

12designer is a Berlin-based creative marketplace for logo, flyer and web designs.

12designer.com is a crowdsourcing portal for creative tasks: naming, slogans, logos, flyers, websites, audio and video clips, among other possibilities. Based in Berlin, it is the European alternative to more popular websites like 99designs, where entrepreneurs, start-ups and small companies find creative solutions to which they decide how much to pay. The whole process tends to be quite simple and can be described in 3 steps: 1. creation of a project with fixed prize, 2. quality monitoring with feedback rounds, 3. choice of winner and payment. 12designer.com also offers money back guarantee. By claiming to trust their community, they will return fees charged for premium projects to dissatisfied clients. A project can also be created free of charges, but with some limitations. Designers have it not only as a competition platform, but also as a networking alternative, with near to 50% of winning ideas resulting in further contracts, according to their community feedback.