• 2008

Company Description

1366 Technologies provides customers with high-performance silicon wafers.

1366 Technologies, Inc. aims to deliver solar at the cost of coal. The company combines breakthrough technology innovations with lean manufacturing processes to make a new class of silicon wafers, the basic building blocks of solar cells, at a fraction of today’s cost. The traditional process of making wafers, where wafer slices are sawed from large ingots of very pure polycrystalline silicon, is a complex, multi-step, multi-machine, batch process that wastes a lot of material and has high labor and operating costs. 1366 Technologies’ proprietary Direct Wafer technology reduces this expensive process to a continuous, single-step and delivers a superior wafer that can be utilized in more than 80% of the world’s cell factories without adding a single new piece of equipment. 1366 Technologies was founded in 2007 by Frank van Mierlo and former MIT professor, Dr. Emanuel “Ely” Sachs. The company is based in Bedford, Massachusetts.