• 2010

Company Description

140Fire.com is a Y Combinator-backed platform allowing advertisers and media buyers to create ad content and polls to overlay on videos.

140Fire is a platform to make online video ads interactive. We have a product called DataRoll, which adds a layer of interactivity on top of an exisiting video ad. Generally these overlays are questions or polls related to what is being advertised. On average, when DataRoll is part of a video ad, 7-10% of consumer will interact with the advertisement. Furthermore, using DataRoll increases the likelyhood a consumer will click-through on a video as much as 2x. Advertisers come to us who are looking to achieve a “Smart Buy”. We not only provide the interactivity, but we also will help advertisers plan out their media spend through our own network of video publishers. What's different about our network? Unlike larger ad networks, we can use DataRoll to effectively see which publishers have an audience that are willing to interact with a specific brand. If consumers aren't engaging, we can quickly adjust on the fly. All of our publishers are DataRoll certified, meaning their users have showed an exceptional willingness to engage with advertising. No other network can say this. We are attracting new advertisers daily, and our revenue is on a rate in the millions of dollars. The venture is backed by Y Combinator, Mark Cuban, Jonnathan Kraft and Skip Paul.