• 2015

Company Description

150sec.com is a community-focused website featuring startup, business, and technology news in CEE.

150sec.com presents short, substantial news, readable in less than 150 seconds. We know how precious your time is. There is no place for PR non sense, advertorials or cheap success stories. Our mission is to spread the news about awesomeness of startups, communities, events and investors working hard all over the world to grow the potential of the CEE region. 150sec.com is the first community focused website, featuring startup, tech&business news. Everyone may be featured here. You don’t have to pay for it, stalk editors or hire PR agency to push us to publish your press releases. All you need to do is to fill appropriate form and we’ll take a look.

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    Media and Entertainment
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    Adrian Pica
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    • Adrian Pica
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