• 2009 April 01

Company Description

Online Video Dating

15minutDate is an online video dating website that brings that most advanced and exciting features to a dating website. They have blended new school technology with old school dating practices to freely express themselves with our video features. Video features include: 1. 30 Introduction Video - A member can upload or record a video up to 30 seconds length to their profile for viewers to see. 2. 15 Second Flirt Video - A member can also send a video flirt up to 15 seconds in length to someone that has caught their eye. Through these features, members are freely able to express themselves to an audience to show their qualities and characteristics. It goes way beyond the text written profiles and flirts. On top of the great video features listed above, we also provide the necessary tools to use them. The company also provide free webcams with subscription enrollments into our 3 Month, and 6 Month packages.