• 2013 December 07

Company Description

Home & Condo Gallery is a real estate search portal.

1.618 Technology is a technology company which will be the driving force behind www.HomeandCondoGallery.com, (under construction) a search portal in which consumers will utilize in locating real estate properties throughout the state of Florida. 1.618 Technology will be developing and deploying SEO, SEM and Internet advanced technologies and strategies to attract and capture real estate buyers and sellers, in addition to other industry related services such as mortgage, title, insurance leads. The company was designed to function with low operational costs, efficient use of capital investment, revenues and no long term liabilities. Yet, it can achieve rapid execution, expansion, market, penetration, and healthy profitability. Since the company is comprised of 75% technology its operational cost is low and sales revenue potential and geographical expansion is virtually unlimited. The company has future horizontal expansion plans into the SEO industry in the United States with expansion to Europe and Latin America. SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing) is an indispensable service vital to any commercial website. One of the key elements to our success will be the ability to rapidly expand our market exposure and penetration in a controlled manner and seize predefined markets in Florida while keeping costs extremely low with no long term debt. We will combine the four most common real estate revenue streams under one company structure: lead subscriptions, real estate sales, referral agreements and advertising. Our target market is the entire state of Florida; we will become the premier Florida Real Estate Search website for the state. Market Potential – Market Cap in the billions of dollars for existing lead generating companies: 5.31B Zillow 3.07B Homeaway 1.63B Trulia 1B Move Inc. 166M Zip Realty